Freelance Services

Looking for content writing, editing, or management services? Complete the form below and I’ll return your email within a few days. Once I’ve accepted your project, we can discuss turnaround time (can be as little as a few days for small projects) and pricing.

Services and pricing details are listed below. I am willing to offer customized business solutions for your unique needs. I am also offering package deals for students looking for ongoing tutoring or editing services.

Writing & Editing Rates

  • Blog writing: $75/hr
  • Blog editing: $50/hr
  • SEO content auditing: $50/hr
  • Content marketing strategy/coaching: $50/hr
  • Academic writing: $100/hr
  • Academic editing: $75/hr
  • Undergraduate student rate: $25/hr*
  • Creative writing and academic paper writing tutoring: $40/hr

*I do not ghostwrite academic papers for students on the basis of ethics. I will gladly edit your paper and offer suggestions.

How Does it Work?

If we decide to work together, I will send you a contract with your agreement to pay for the work and will send an invoice when the work is complete. I accept payment via mailed check, Venmo, PayPal, and ACH when appropriate. If you find any reasonable problem with my services, I will gladly make up to two rounds of edits. I will charge anywhere from $0 to the hourly rate depending on the nature of the edits.