Internship Four

Today was my first day at the fourth internship I’ve ever had.

I’m working for ATO Records in NYC. I was really regretting having to play the “first day at work” game YET AGAIN, but it turned out to be an exciting day.

Now that I’ve finally begun to settle into myself as a human being, I know what I need physically, emotionally, and mentally. I knew that day one of ANYTHING is almost always mentally taxing. When my brain is exhausted, my emotions are all out of whack. When I’m emotional, I feel tired.

And so I started off my day with a trip to an adorable little coffee shop down the road called Vineapple. I ordered an iced vanilla latte (pretty much a staple unless I’m going for straight up coffee) and a good ‘ol New York bagel. I started looking for a place to sit and felt suddenly overwhelmed by the fact that I was in this new place and didn’t fully understand where I was, so I got my bagel to go instead and walked towards the water.

My new home is just a few blocks from what is very possibly THE best view of downtown Manhattan. So I found a bench over there with a great view and I enjoyed my breakfast. Just my introverted self and I. I called my mom, I watched the kids bike past (I even saw a little girl not wearing pants…so…), I took some pictures, and I just enjoyed the morning.

I took the subway to my internship, wandered around the area for a few minutes, then went up to meet my new coworkers.

Everyone was very casual and sweet and welcomed me in right away. I was given my own desk and computer, which is just a HUGE plus for me. I thrive on my own.

Moral of today’s story:

Know yourself. Know what you need, and go get it. I know I need to have my own space and plenty of alone time. Figure out what’s going to get you through your day, and go find it.


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