I’ll be 19 until November 15th.

I’m also a junior in college.

Most of the students in my class are twenty or older, and a lot of them are twenty one.

Which, you know, means they can go to bars…and I can’t.

This semester I’m studying away from my campus in Nashville. I’m in Brooklyn, NY, and less than half of us are under twenty one. This means when everybody decides to go to a twenty one and over bar, I’m watching How I Met Your Mother reruns.

Tonight, though…

Tonight I decided to just join the crowd. We walked a few blocks to what we thought was going to be a great Margarita bar. I knew I might as well go because it doubles as a Mexican restaurant, and I knew I wouldn’t be stopped at the door because of my age. However, when we got there, we saw that the nineteen of us that were all out together couldn’t even fit in this place if we wanted to stand between tables. And so, we walked.

Some guy who saw us struggling told us about this other bar down the road. At first, I wanted to be like, “hey, remember me? Is this place twenty one and over?” But, I just decided to put my type A-ness aside and go with it. The next bar we found had a private event going on. Strike two.

We started to walk to a sports bar near our building when we saw an absolutely blinding light beaming on a white screen. There were at least fifty crew members with cameras, walkie talkies, headsets, and clipboards, a fair amount of people standing along the street watching, and a big dude acting as security. A guy on the street corner told us to go check it out because it was a “JLo music video,” but we were skeptical. We figured it was going to be something much less exciting like a dog food commercial…but that still would be kinda cool to randomly come across on a Monday night.

We stood there for a second looking at everything, and the big security dude told us the same thing as the random guy on the street corner. After a few moments of silent observation, we all confirmed that yes, Jennifer Lopez was standing behind that great mass of light that pulled us over like the mosquitos with my back porch light. We even saw her for a second on the screen of one of the crew members for some extra confirmation.

So, that was cool.

Especially since we were never supposed to be in that area.

Especially since I didn’t think I was going to be able to join them.

So I guess the moral of the story is, go outside on a Monday night because you might accidentally walk into a JLo shoot.

No, but seriously.

If you’re type A like me and you hang back for fear of the plan going all wrong, don’t. You’ll miss out on really cool and random things like that. And you’ll miss out on great conversations over a milkshake at the bar.

Don’t miss out just because you’re 19.


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