I got into a car accident a few weeks ago. I had a turn signal and the other driver blew his light. Two of my very best friends were in the car. Allie Holmes was next to me and Josh Wilson was in the back. We’re all okay, aside from the shock and the back pain. But it’s had me thinking even more than usual.

If I chose to go to Target instead of Walmart, I would still have a car to drive. I would still be able to go to work and wouldn’t have to find a way to get to my Songwriting class off-campus. I wouldn’t have a string of chiropractor appointments to celebrate my Christmas break with. I probably would have done a little better on my finals.

My first thought after the initial collision, aside from “holy s***” and “is everyone okay,” was that this guy came extremely close to hurting and possibly killing my very best friends who mean the world to me. For a moment, I hoped to God that the other driver was going to get arrested. I mean, how dare he get so close to Allie Holmes and Joshua Wilson? How dare he force two of my other very best friends, Michael Spencer and Brock Burger, to stay up until 3am before their big final exams to come retrieve us?

But he didn’t know we would be in that intersection.

And I can’t go on hating him. I can’t go on asking questions that I don’t have answers to. I don’t know if he was drunk, and I don’t know if he was texting. I don’t know any of these answers and I honestly don’t want to know them anymore.

Because I forgive him.

Because I know a lot about making mistakes, I promise.

Because that accident could have been a lot worse, and I’m grateful to be sitting here talking to Allie and Josh. I’m grateful that I still have a group of amazing friends who are willing to come get me in the middle of the night, and who are extraordinarily comforting and know exactly what to do and say in times like this.

I’ve made a conscious decision to forgive, and I think I’m finally coming around to it.

If you have someone, ANYONE in your life that has hurt you, please consider forgiveness. It’s not something that can happen over night, but it works, I know.

Car Accident Selfie


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