Stable Friends in College

I found out the hard way that it takes a long time to get situated with a solid bunch of friends in a new city.

When I arrived at Belmont University on that sweaty and uncomfortable day in August, I was excited to find the group of people that I would bond with for the next four years. What I didn’t realize was that it wouldn’t happen until the second semester.

The people that I spent my time with from August to October of my first year are polar opposites of the people that I consider my closest friends now. In mid-October 2013, a simultaneous chain of events knocked the wind out of me. First, my roommate announced that she was moving out. The next day, I met my new roommate. The day after that, I went home for fall break. When I came back, nothing was the same. This was around the time that I began having weekly appointments at the counseling center.

For the remaining 8 weeks of the fall semester, I couldn’t tell you who my close friends were. I considered my new roommate and my suitemates the people that I felt closest to, but I wasn’t sure if I could consider them my “best friends” just yet, and I wanted to find that.

In January, at the start of the second semester, I grew closer to Becca, one of my suitemates, primarily because we were both crying on her floor over a very similar issue. A month after that, her roommate, my other suitemate, moved out. We stayed friends with her, but the empty bed was a big adjustment.

Not long after that, Becca officially introduced me to one of her best friends, Allie Holmes. Allie and Becca wanted to room together for Sophomore Year, and Becca invited me to join them in an apartment. Maria, a mutual friend, was also invited. Once we had all agreed to room together, we became fast friends. We went out to dinner together at least once a week and had a group text going.

As it grew closer to summertime, our plans began to change. We weren’t able to secure an apartment slot on campus, which meant we had to find a way to become suitemates in a dorm instead. Allie and I ended up teaming up as roommates, and Maria and Becca did the same. After a lot of hard work, we had a suite secured in the brand new building on campus, Two Oaks. We knew that we were all great therapists for each other and we always had so much fun together.

The summer was long and tough.

We all had individual problems, and acting as each other’s therapists wasn’t going as planned. I think we were all too broken to help each other.

Once we were reunited in August of 2014, things moved and changed quickly. Today Allie, Becca, and I remain best friends. Becca is taking me to her sorority formal and Allie and I are great together as roommates. The three of us help each other and laugh with each other every single day. Sure, there are rough patches, just like in any relationship. But I love these girls and hope that we can stay this way for a long time!


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